We provide Operator and Rigger training courses as per API and OSHA regulations.
We have a class room setting to complete all of your training at our Houma facility.
We can also travel anywhere in the world that we are requested to do on site training.
For the hands on portion of the training we have training crane set up at our Houma
Each student will be ask to bring  proper PPE ( Hard Hat , Steel Toes, And Safety
  1. Types of Cranes:

     1. Mechanical cranes.

     2. Hydraulic cranes.


  1. Crane Components and Lifting Capacities:
    1. Boom Angle and Load Radius indicators.
    2. All Safety Devices.
    3. Number of parts of line as to rated load.
    4. Lifting capacity of Auxiliary line.
    5. Lifting capacity of Main Block.
    6. Condition of Weather and its affect on Lifting Capacity.


  1. Wire Rope Construction and Use:
    1. Classes of wire rope.
    2. Handling of wire rope.
    3. Guidelines for replacement.
    4. Mechanics of wire rope.
    5. Wire rope slings.


  1. Limit Devices:
    1. Anti-two block systems.
    2. High Angle kick outs.
    3. Boom Stops.
    4. Locking devices.


  1. Inspections of Crane:
    1. Importance of Pre-Use inspections.
    2. Monthly inspections.
    3. Quarterly inspections.
    4. Annual inspections.


  1. Boom Structure:
    1. Inspection of Booms.
    2. Construction (lattice, box, etc.)
    3. Boom connecting pins.


  1. Additional Items:
    1. Proper Sheave inspections.
    2. Gauges and Indicators (water temp, oil pressure, etc.)
    3. Hand Signals.



  1. All Rigging Guidelines:
    1. Using proper rigging for the right job at hand.
    2. Checking load tags.
    3. Inspection of slings (Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, wire rope)
    4. Shackle Inspection.
    5. Hook Inspections.
    6. Different Hitches (single vertical, choker, basket, and bridal hitches)
    7. Pinch points and Hand placement.
    8. Sling Angles.
    9. Personnel Transfers.
    10. PPE.
    11. Lift Planning (JSA, JSEA)
    12. Storage of slings.
    13. Hand Signals
    14. Turnbuckles.
    15. Spreader Bars.
    16. Pad eyes, and eyebolts.
For More Information Contact:
Brady Martin ( Field Trainer)
Office: (985) 851-5413
Matt Deroche ( In House Trainer)
Office: (985) 851-5413
Troy Theriot ( In House Trainer)
Office: (985) 851-5413