Our field service department is readily equipped to travel wherever they are needed and are specialized in hydraulic cranes, friction cranes, pneumatics, and hydraulic systems. They are familiar with various types of equipment such as cranes, forklifts, jack-ups, davits, dive systems, etc. We also are very well known in our area for completing very large tubing projects for some very large clients. Our tubing completions are professional and very appealing to the eye. Our management team has over 80 years combined experience in multiple fields to assure our customer's satisfaction.

Our Hydraulic repair shop has experience with all hydraulic crane types, power units, dive systems, gearboxes, etc. They have a wide range of experience from complete hydraulic crane refurbs, new construction, gearbox rebuilds, power units, winches, motors, pumps, etc. Our new construction and assemblies generally consist of power units and dive equipment. This department is also backed by many years of experience.
We expect our new test tower to be complete by January 2015 !!!!!!!!!!

 Our technicians are qualified crane inspectors with knowledge of all types of crane and/or lifting equipment ranging from FRC Davits to Offshore Knucke Boom cranes.  Crane inspections follow O.S.H.A. or A.P.I. regulations.  In some cases we also work with A.B.S and the U.S.C.G. as needed or requested.  We keep certified dynomometers, rigging and water-bags in stock and readily available.
SCH does not claim to be O.S.H.A. accredited and our O.S.H.A. inspections are to be treated as in house inspections.
SCH is trained under O.S.H.A and A.S.M.E. with the C.I.A.

Our Fabrication Department has experience with repair as well as new fabrication. They have knowledge of many types of crane booms including lattice, box, telescopic, and knuckle booms. Our welders are 6 GR certified and ABS certified.  Their knowledge of crane repair is extremely diverse and their abilities range from changing lacings to building entire sections of boom. Also beyond the everyday crane repairs our fabrication department is also know for its skills within the dive industry ranging from fabricating new Umbilical reals, H.P.U.'s , and L.A.R.S. units.

With 15 lattice boom cranes ranging from 60T to 175T available for leasing (long or short term), we are able to accommodate our customers` equipment needs.  We provide monthly maintenance on our rentals as well as any repairs needed while on lease.

We provide Operator and Rigger training courses as per API and OSHA regulations. We have two skilled trainers with years of experience that can provide training in our facility's classroom, or anywhere that our customer requests. Their classroom skills have been recognized repeatedly by our loyal customers who continue to schedule their employees for renewed certifications.

Southern Crane and Hydraulics now offers and mobile hose and tubing trailer. Our trailer is stocked with an assortment of standard hose and fittings ranging from 1/4" - 1-1/2". We can also do special orders if needed. SCH can provide on site service just to have the hoses readily available or we can provide all of the labor to replace the hoses if needed. SCH is always looking for ways to assist our customers faster and in a more proficient way.



Our marine department, "Southern Marine and Repair," manages ay repairs needed on a vessel from the water line up. They work on all types of vessels form bow to stern ranging form steering cylinders, controls, anchor windlass, tow winches, etc. They have experience with most hydraulics and pneumatics on any vessel. They are also very experienced in dive systems and stainless tubing from start to finish and often assist Southern Crane on such repair. They are very experienced, well-rounded, and dependable.